Cessione del Quinto

Italian Cessione del Quinto is one of the rare forms of financing regulated by law, flagship product of Mediocredito Europeo SpA.

Delegazione di pagamento

Italian Delegazione di Pagamento is a subsidiary financing compared to Cessione del Quinto.

Personal Loan

The Personal Loan is a form of financing that falls into the category of consumer credit but is not closely related to the purchase of an asset.

Credit Card

The Credit Card issued by Mediocredito Europeo is a payment tool providing a safe and convenient way to significantly reduce the use of cash money, offering at the same time all the services of the Mastercard circuit.

Mediocredito Europeo S.p.A.

Mediocredito Europeo S.p.A. is a financial broker with proven expertise in the Italian market of guaranteed funding, in particular in the context of pension/salary-backed Loans and Salary Deductions.

The industrial project of Mediocredito Europeo S.p.A. is focused on the growth of direct allocation activities, on the consolidation of the commercial and supplying capacities, on the efficiency and the constant monitoring of all the product management processes.
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