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Cessione del Quinto

Consumer loan that can be settled by pro solvendo assignment of a share of the monthly salary. The loan is regulated by the contract, the Consolidated Act approved by Presidential Decree 180/1950 and subsequent amendments and additions, by Articles 1260 and following of the Civil Code, by the Legislative Decree 141/210 and by the related instructions of the Bank of Italy. The monthly instalments are deducted from the salary by the employer who directly remits them to the Transferee Intermediary. The Transferor is the debtor, by way of mortgage, against the Transferee of the total amount resulting from the paid capital and expenses of the activation fees of the loan specified in the "Standard European Consumer Credit Information".

Delegazione di Pagamento

Consumer loan at daily-based fixed rate for its whole duration, which is repaid to the Borrower, pursuant to art. 1723 2nd par. of the Civil Code, by special irrevocable mandate to the employer, which allows him to withdraw and to pay a monthly amount of the salary directly to the Lender. In the event of employment termination, the amount of outstanding instalments can be paid until full settlement of the debt by retaining it on the last salary, on the severance pay , or of any sum due to the Borrower according to the employment relationship. To be effective, Delegazione di Pagamento must be accepted by the Employer. The Borrower is considered as debtor, by way of loan, towards the Lender for the total amount resulting from the capital paid and from the loan activation fees as specified in the "Standard European Consumer Credit Information".

Personal Loans


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