The Personal Loan through  TFS Transfer, is a form of personal financing not strictly connected to the purchase of an asset.

It is a refundable loan, with a repayment schedule, based on variable installments and a fixed interest rate that allows retiring public and state employees to benefit, in a single solution, the value of the Severance Pay matured with the Pension Fund (up to 95% of the value of the accrued TFS).

The duration of the loan is variable and closely linked to the expiry date of the TFS settlement plan, with a minimum duration of 12 months.

The transfer of TFS allows to cover the liquidity needs connected to the purchase of assets but also of services of particular importance or other types of requirements, directly linked to the consumer.

Who can apply for the loan

Employees (public and state) in retirement, who have a Severance Pay from the Pension Fund.

Required documents

• Two valid ID cards

• Health card showing valid Social Security Number

• The Income Statement Tax

• Retiree Payslip

• The current TFS certificate