Personal loan

The Personal Loan is a form of financing that falls into the category of consumer credit but is not closely related to the purchase of an asset. A repayable loan in equal instalments therefore is well suited to meet unexpected liquidity needs and to tackle unexpected urgent expenses, although it is certainly possible to use it for paying goods or services of particular importance.Thanks to the easy and simply application procedure and to the speed in delivery times, it is certainly one of the most requested and spread services.

A personal loan cannot be used to finance a job, nor granted to a company: it is exclusively provided to direct consumers.

The financed amounts range from € 3,000 up to a maximum of € 30,000 repayable through DDs with equal instalments from 24 to 120 months.

How to access
Personal loans can be granted to:

- employees of any company, with permanent contract;
- self-employed;
- professionals;
- pensioners

Required documents

- ID document and fiscal code;
- Last 2 payrolls in case of employees;
- Last complete income tax return (F24 form) in case of self-employed;
- Pension slip;
- Utility bill (electricity, gas) or, alternatively, Certificate of Residence;
- Bank statement of the last 3 months