Mediocredito Europeo S.p.A. is a financial intermediary with well-established expertise in the Italian market of secured consumer loans, particularly in the Cessione del Quinto (CDQ) and Delegazione di Pagamento (DP).

The Company is partly owned by the fund Seer Capital Management LP through the vehicle SCO ILOANS LLC, which owns a 99.317% of Mediocredito Europeo’s share capital.

Mediocredito Europeo S.p.A. is a publicly listed non-bank financial lender operating in the salary-secured sector and salary deductions.
The Company’s capital is held by Seer Capital Mangement LP by means of the vehicle SCO ILOANS LLC which holds the 99,317% of the share capital of Mediocredito Europeo S.p.A..
For the three-year period 2016-2018 the industrial project of Mediocredito Europeo S.p.A. has identified as items of major importance the following: the growth of direct landing, the improvement of commercial activities processes management of the products.

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