Mediocredito Europeo S.p.A.
Via Vincenzo Lamaro, 13 00173 - Rome
Telephone 06.684451 Fax 06.68445320
Fully Paid-up Share Capital: Euro 7.450.000,00
Fiscal Code and VAT Number: 08969851008
Enrolled in the new Register held by the Bank of Italy pursuant to Article 106 of the Consolidated Banking Act, under no. 152
ABI Code 33239.5
Nr. REA RM 1130258

Please find below the Shareholders structure of Mediocredito Europeo S.p.A.:

S.C.O. ILoans LLC: 99,944%
Mandalore Holding SA: 0,056%

Corporate boards:

Board of Directors:
Chairman: Pasquale Di Vito; CEO: Alessandro Maione; Directors: Antonio Lo Monaco, Lanson Terry Hillel, Paolo Morelli.

Board of Auditors:
Chairman: Maurizio Donnangelo; Standing Auditors: Francesco Davola; Davide Donnangelo.

Supervisory Board pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001
Dott. Giuseppe Roddi (Chairman); Avv. Mario Ferri, Avv. Alessio Di Amato

External Auditor:

Mediocredito Europeo S.p.A. participates in Assofin (Italian Association for consumer credit and mortgages)