The Industrial Project 2016-2018

In the three years period 2016-2018, the Operation Program will be aimed at enhancing the strength points already present in the scope of Mediocredito Europeo, in order to allow the beginning of a major direct out payment activity, by using the financial capacity already available to the Company, the consolidated standard in the processes, in the organization and in the business structure.

The commitment in the implementation of the business plan saw in June of 2016 the move into the new offices in Via Lamaro 13, in Rome. The new premises offer adequate spaces to support the growth project of all business functions and have facilitated the integration of the entire production cycle.

The Business Plan will be structured along the following guidelines:

• Internal skills, in terms of senior resources, procedures, controls and high-performance computer systems to govern the credit cycle;
• Know-how and operational facilities in the management of distribution models, whether direct and indirect, specific to the target market;
• Specific product design for salary-backed loans, in terms of pricing and service, oriented to the end customer, with investments in targeted marketing operations, customized by distribution channel;
• Financial capacity to ensure stable and long-term growth, in terms of generated and managed volumes, strategic factor for developing a market share in terms of business relations and managed assets. The three-year plan provides for a clear predominance of the volumes originated, from the very beginning;
• Potential role of disbursing body also to 106 less structured broker, wishing to differentiate their offerings and provided with products distributed and/or credits purchase plans, however in line with all credit requirements and regulatory compliance;
• Supplying also financial products from other intermediaries (salary-backed loans, personal loans, credit cards and mortgages) to expand the offer range and segmentation, enhancing the loyalty of the distribution network and offering to the customer the most suitable product for his needs;
• Specific experience in the fulfilment of large stakeholders supervised, acquired with the company's outline of Ktesios (ex 107), and in particular the governance in terms of organization and processes with an approach based on the "sound and prudent management" principle.

The business plan of the three-year period 2016 - 2018 is divided into different distribution channels (B2B and B2C) to expand the product specialization and the presence on the territory. In summary, the objectives are:

• Development of business and marketing operations aimed at promoting agreements and contracts with public, state, social security bodies and trade unions, to offer a more efficient and competitive channel in terms of protection, service and supplying to the end customer;
• Business development of the agreement signed in 2015 with a leading operator of large-scale retailers, active throughout the national territory, and increasing of the shared objectives with a trade union confederation that includes the sectors of public employees and pensioners, to spread salary-backed loans;
• Growth of the online channel to support direct sales oriented to the end customer;
• Participation to the INPS meeting and development of CreditoNet platform to promote the offer and the service to State employees.