Mission & Values

The mission of Mediocredito Europeo is to be one of the leaders in the sector of salary-backed loans and of payment delegations, through the implementation of a fully integrated business model, which includes products and distribution channels to play an open and active role in the whole business sector.The business plan provides for the consolidation of business and supplying skills strongly oriented towards the direct relationship with the customer, through dedicated sales channels, governed by a strict compliance and risk management model. The supplying activity is focused on specialized agents and outlets throughout the national territory, supported by marketing operations for a customer-centric customization.

The product creation provides for the internal management of all phases related to the lending process and to the related operating procedures, to govern all critical aspects typical of salary-backed loans. The organization and management represent a key point for MCE with departments ensuring the efficiency and profitability of financial assets, both in the supplying and in the management of the amortization for the amounts paid, in full fairness towards the customers.

To confirm this approach, the securitization transaction started in 2015 sees MCE also as sub-servicer of collection and after-sales operations, with processes, procedures and compliance aligned to the rigorous standards required by leading institutional investors, sponsors of the vehicle dedicated to the operation.