On 28/09/2015, Mediocredito Europeo S.p.A. issued a loan stock called "Mediocredito Europeo SpA 2015 - 2018", having a total maximum amount of Euro 2,000,000.00, for qualified investors. The loan stock consists of a maximum number of 100 bonds to bearer, with a nominal value of Euro 20,000.00 each, dematerialized and entered into the centralized management system.

From January 27th 2016, the bond "Mediocredito Europeo S.p.A. 2015 - 2018 "has been admitted to trading on the multilateral trading system called" Third Market "sponsored and managed by the Vienna Stock Exchange (

The bonds issuing will help to consolidate and to expand the financial capacity of the Company, to accelerate its overall profitability and the ability to support future investments, as well as to strengthen the financial support needed to expand the disbursement capacity and to enhance the development of trade.

January 28th 2016: the Company has extended the Second Offer Period until April 30th 2016. The updated version of the Regulations of the bond Mediocredito Europeo S.p.A. is available on the following link.

Bond's Regulation


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