One of our cornerstones is transparency to the Customer.

To this aim, we have included in this session the laws, regulations and documents so that the Customer can make an informed and attentive choice, by sharing with us the legal aspects and the conditions under which the financial products shall be offered.

The Bank of Italy has sought to regulate in a more transparent way the relationships between customers and intermediaries and, by resolution dated 09/02/2011 concerning the TRANSPARENCY OF OPERATIONS AND OF BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES , THE CORRECTNESS OF THE RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN BROKERS AND CUSTOMERS, has imposed the obligation to provide the customer with a suitable information document before signing the loan agreement, in order to clearly and transparently allow him to assess the costs of the loan and to compare different credit offers on the market. This document, entitled "Basic European Information on Credit for Consumers" (IEBCC or SECCI), contains any pre-contractual information useful to the consumer before being bound by any funding or by an irrevocable proposal, and shall be filled in all its parts.

You will find the SECCI of our affiliated banks available for consultation at our branches and offices. Furthermore, our consultants will be ready to provide you with clarifications and explanations about the contents of the documents required by the regulations on transparency.

Loan agreements

Basis European Information Document of Credito for Consumer

Banking and Financial Arbitrator

Anti-Money Laundering

Questionnaire for assessing the risk of money laundering and of terrorist financing (Legislative Decree 231 of 21 November 2007).

TEGM quarterly survey

You will find here below the press release by the Bank of Italy on the average overall effective interest rates under the usury law.

Press release by the Bank of Italy

Bank Transparency

Mediocredito Europeo SpA, pursuant to the concession agreements, sells the products of:

Santander Consumer Bank

Che Banca! S.p.A.

Carrefour Banque

ING Bank N.V.

Igea Banca S.p.A.

Cabel I.P.

Complaints Management

2017 - Statement for complaints management
2016 - Statement for complaints management
2015 - Statement for complaints management

 Mediocredito Europeo S.p.A. has set up a complaints office, independent from the other departments responsible for selling the Company services. The goal is to ensure the timely and transparent fulfillment of the requests and complaints raised by customers.

The Customers can submit their complaints in one of the following ways:
- Regular or registered mail at Mediocredito Europeo S.p.A., Via Lamaro n. 13, 00173 Rome;
- Fax to 06-68445320;
- E-mail to;
- Certified e-mail to;

In order to get a better fulfilment ofl their requests, the customers can provide information about the complaint subject and, if useful, attach copies of the useful documentation.
Mediocredito Europeo S.p.A. will respond to the customer's complaint within 30 days from its receipt.

In the event that the customer is not satisfied with the response received or did not receive a reply in that 30 day period, he may contact the Banking and Finance Arbitrator (ABF) or another body responsible for extrajudicial resolution of disputes in banking, finance and insurance, before resorting to the ordinary courts.